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Passport Photo Crop, BG Edit

发行商: Dhameliya Ashishkumar
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There are various size rules for legal documentation whether it be passport size photographs, visa card photographs, ID card, License, etc. Each image size differs from country to country. To have the respective images in specific size and diligent manner people spend a handful amount of money. Various photo-editing apps fetch the required size of image along with photo-editing effects.

Yet, a more intensive and accurate iOS app - Passport Photo Crop, BG Edit app is designed by the professional iOS developers and designers to facilitate users with a platform to create their own photographs for various document work easily and effectively along with the digital signature creation feature. Passport Photo Crop, BG Edit app is a feature-driven app that not only assists the users with creation of specific size photographs but also assists them in creating printable file with number of repetitions of the image.


- Allows user to import an image from phone memory or capture an image on the spot.
- Filter image with accuracy via options like Quick select. Brush option is available. Set the brush size and pointer via sliders.
- Set the background color for the image that gives a professional effect whether white, black, clear, gray scale, etc.
- Professional man and woman suits are offered by the app to make the photo look realistic and have a diligent and presentable attire.
- Presents a list of countries to the user. User selects the country he/she wishes to create the document images.
- Select one of the variants: passport, visa, ID card, Licence.
- User gets aware of the size specifications as the size of each variant is specified according to the country selected.
- User is free to create image of his/her own choice via the Add Custom Size option.
- Flip or rotate image.
- Auto crop or finger touch crop option available.Here, the crop window is fixed according to the selected category of the selected country.
- Drag or shift the required section of the image in the pre-defined crop screen.
- Smart eraser to remove the undesirable sections of the image.
- Several soothing background options.
- Alluring filter effects.
- Share the created file in pdf file format.
- Enter the file name of your choice.
- Print option available.
- Create digital signature via Create signature feature.
- Sketch out your sign via finger slide.
- Set the width and opacity of the ink via sliders.
- Eraser is facilitated in case of any alteration.
- Save the signature as an image or share it as a pdf file.
- All the created photographs and signatures are stored in the My Creation section of the app.

Passport Photo Crop, BG Edit is a feature-oriented photo maker, photo editor, background remover, background changer, and background editor and signature maker ( also digital signature maker in pdf file format ) app. Passport Photo Crop, BG Edit app is specially designed for iOS users to provide them with the best user experience while image creation for documents.

Passport Photo Crop, BG Edit app is completely free to install and operate. Passport Photo Crop, BG Edit app has a professional and straightforward GUI along with latest material and modern design.

Passport Photo Crop, BG Edit app is a lightweight application, will not drain the device memory, battery and other resources and is a reliable application. Passport Photo Crop, BG Edit app is compatible with almost all screen resolutions of mobile and tablet devices.

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