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Password Manager Pro Keep passcode.s safe & lock private account.s

发行商: Estill Hill
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Password Manager had been widely used! Come & Join the Million Users now! Keep all your different accounts and passwords Safe and Secure!

Nowadays, in network world, there are all kinds of websites need users to register as a membership. If you set your accounts and passwords all the same in every websites, once one website were hacked, the other websites’ account would be in danger!

Such a clutter and various accounts and passwords need to be remembered,how convenient it is if we have a data protected machine to help us to remember?
This Application “Password Manager” is coming for you!
With this app, you will never forget any account and password!

Features of “Password Manager”:
> Working with AES-256 bit encryption system.
> Without your master password, nobody can get into the application.
> Touch ID feature is available on iPhone 5s and later, you can use your fingerprint to login the app.
> Optional Self-destruct System Feature, in case of malicious password cracking, the system would destroy all your datas automatically while typing the wrong password reached your setting maximum password attempts.
> System comes up to 99 sets of templates, which makes you convenient to record data.
> The built-in browser of PasswordMgr and the Safari can automatically filling account and password, and it supports one key to log in.
> Intelligent classification mechanism, make it more convenient to classify your own account password according to the class.
>Powerful backup functions, can be achieved via Wifi, iTunes or Dropbox in three ways, even if your iOS device loss but the data would still there.

There are too many powerful features, the list is endless. More features are waiting for you to discover!

Owning this app, you are owning an assistant of password manager.

Hurry up, try PasswordMgr today!

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