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After the publishing of Patek Philippe Steel Watches, now you can read on your iPad and mini iPad each page of this magnificent book, pinch to zoom in and out to view text and photos in high resolution of Patek watches that John Goldberger considers to be the most beautiful and rarest examples ever cased in steel by Geneva watch company. One hundred eighty-seven examples, including the current models, traced back through time thanks to painstaking research, with the collaboration of some of the world's leading collectors, and professionally photographed to show the details and the characteristics of the movement, case and dial of each example. A journey in the quintessence of the Patek Philippe spirit. Over 900 colour illustrations and 800 descriptions provide the collector and watch enthusiast with invaluable informations and new revelations on case reference numbers, dials, movements, related calibers and the year of production of each watch.

440 pages with twelve chapters:
Pocket Watches and Clocks; Round Wristwatches; Rectangular Wristwatches; Water-proof Wristwatches; Chronograph Wristwatches; Perpetual Calendar Wristwatches with moon phases; Military Watches; Amagnetic Wristwatches; Self-Winding Wristwatches; Nautilus; Modern Wristwatches and Watch parts.

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