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发行商: Tam Nguyen
价格: 免费 支持应用内购买
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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* PDF All in ONE - Create PDF file - PDF Reader - PDF Annotate ...

- Customize your PDF as you wanted.
- Available to fill text, photos to your PDF
- Choose many layouts exist in the app to apply to your PDF format.
- Config your PDF file within Size, Page..

* Scan documents / Receipt and export to PDF file
* Make PDF file from web, url and more...
* Filter image to more clearly, crop space what you want
* Share PDF file via Email, Dropbox, Google Drive, Box

PDF creator help you to create new PDF file from print documents/ books by taking photo with high quality.
With PDF creator, you can create multi PDF files with multi pages and then send by email, Dropbox, iCloud, Google drive, Box


+ Create PDF within hand drawing
+ Customize your PDF
+ Create PDF from WEB
+ Create multi PDF files by scan / take photo:
+ Set how many image/pic in one PDF page in setting
* Take photo or select photo from library and filter image to high quality and then convert to PDF file. multi PDF files
* Easy to detect print documents/books on image

+ Manager list PDF file that you have
- Multi select
- Delete multi files at the same time

+ Send PDF file by Email
- After you create new file, you can send to your email or everyone
- Sync your file to Cloud within multiple device

If you need to help, advise ... please email to me by :
Email: doczy.help@gmail.com

Thanks for you are using my app

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