Pelvic Floor First

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Pelvic Floor First fitness exercises
By the Continence Foundation of Australia

Stay safe while staying in shape with the Pelvic Floor First fitness app. This app allows people of all fitness levels and pelvic floor function to undertake pelvic floor safe workouts. Many exercise programs are inappropriate for people with pelvic floor weakness, particularly women returning to exercise after having a baby, and can cause or worsen incontinence. The customised workouts in this app have been designed by a physiotherapist and fitness professional so you can enjoy the benefits of a full workout, knowing your pelvic floor muscles are being protected.

The app also teaches you how to exercise your pelvic floor muscles to maintain or improve bladder control.

Features include:
The choice of three customised exercise programs of varying intensity, dependant on the user's pelvic floor function
A wide range of exercises accompanied by instructional videos and audio within each level
Detailed pictures and instructions on how to do each exercise
Instructions on how to do pelvic floor muscle exercises correctly
· Personalising your workouts by saving your favourite exercises
· Ability to work out to your favourite songs
· Sharing pelvic floor safe workouts through social media
· Links to useful websites to learn more about your pelvic floor

The app is based on the Continence Foundation of Australia’s Pelvic Floor First website

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