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Guitar Perfect Pitch

价格: 免费
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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※※ Celebrating 50,000 Users ※※
It is an application that can be measured guitar technique.
Good of the guitar, you can measure the poor.
You can contribute to the improvement of the guitar playing.

Let's up the level of guitar playing tempered guitar pitch.
It will help you to have perfect pitch through playing the game.
You can see where you stand in the world ranking.
If you have confidence in your perfect pitch, try this game.
You can train your ear through the game and be the best singer at karaoke.
Unlike other, similar apps, even beginners can easily play it.
It will help you to have perfect pitch through playing the game.
Use the app as warm up exercises before playing the guitar.
You can practice transcribing music by ear.
Testing your perfect pitch is easy so compare the result with your friends.

How to play
■ rules
1. First, hear the notes.
2. Try to tap on the guitar fret
in the same order that you think they are.
3. If your answer is correct, you go to
the next stage.
4. If your answer is wrong, tap to guess
the notes again.
5. Your score is the sum of the time that
you spent on 10 games.
6. Answer as quickly as possible
and compete against other players.

■ game screen display
· Total score
Remaining game score when you clear will be added.

· Game count
Surface will proceed Clearing.

· Game Score
Time spent in the game will be displayed as a score.

■ game level of
· Easy
It becomes a game of the sound of C key.
Three of sound will be in order.

· Normal
Sharp, also flat sound.
Three of sound will be in order.

· Hard
Sharp, also flat sound.
Five of sound will be in order.

I's Free, so try.


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