Petzbe: No Humans Allowed!

发行商: Petzbe
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兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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Petzbe is THE social network for pets! Snuggling, sniffing, snacking, playtime. It's our world, our rules, from our own pet perspectives. Connect with fellow pets. Share your daily moments. Join our pawsome pet challenges. Take a little break from your beloved human’s silliness. Sniff you in the app soon! Pets only! NO HUMANS ALLOWED.

Tap your paw to download the app and start sniffing! Here are some things to do.

• Share your life as a pet!
• Sniff around and make friends.
• Edit pictures and videos with filters and stickers tailor made for you.
• Join contests and challenges. It's playtime all the time!
• Join our monthly Lend a Paw campaign! We donate $1 to an animal cause for each paw-photo shared on the app this day!

Petzbe - as seen in WIRED, People Magazine, Good Morning America, The Wall St. Journal, and other major media outlets that silly hoomans like to read.

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