Phodeo- Animated Pic Maker

发行商: Grassapper LLC
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兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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Pick your favorite effects and start adding to your live video with Phodeo!

Phodeo is NOT just another app that adds basic text, stickers, or filters... instead it's a new way to add animated live effects to your photos and videos. Get creative with your selfies or any other picture you'd like. Create a Phodeo in just a couple of seconds and easily share with family and friends with text, Facebook, instagram sharing and more!

Selfies- No more boring selfies!! Make them fun and exciting with dozens of animated effects to pick from.

Photos- Take any ordinary scenic photo and add a tornado, explosion, or rock avalanche!

Videos- Interact with awesome animation effects during a live recording!

Filters- Choose from dozens of filters to get that right look!

Text and Paint- Add your own text and sketches for your own personal touch!

Easily share on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Text, and more! Also, convert your Phodeo to a GIF if you'd like!

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