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Phone Cleaner for iPhone

发行商: Chirag Finaviya
价格: 免费
兼容性: iPhone


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With an already impressive camera getting better with every new iPhone, it’s easy to understand how a photo library can become bloated with similar-looking pictures and duplicates. Photo cleanner can scan your library and help you quickly go through all those images to decide what to get rid of and what to keep. It's easy gallery cleanenr for iPhone.

All medai cleanner will also scan for videos, screenshots, and blurry pictures that are cluttering up precious storage space on your phone. There’s no shortage of ways to clean up your iPhone with the app Clean Doctor.

Smart Cleaner will show you your storage status and help you organize your photos, videos & files.

Boost Cleaner has a pretty straightforward interface. As soon as you open the app, it shows you how much storage you’re using on your iPhone. From there, you can choose to do what the app calls the “Fast Cleaner,” which will scan your Files and your photo library. Or you can choose to scan your contacts, photos, or videos individually. In addition to cleaning up your iPhone.

• Phone storage Cleaner for iPhone
• Phone Booster,Optimizer,iClean
• Delete Phone Photos, Contacts
• for Photos, videos & files : quickly cleans up your photo library
• Smart Cleaner: cleans up both your address book and photo library
• Boost Cleaner: fast and easy to use
• Clean Doctor: scans everything and has a set of utilities
• Cleaner: iPhone cleanup and monitoring
• iCleaner: free iPhone cleaner app
• Phone Cleaner: great for clearing space


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