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Want to crop the some portion from the picture & to set an amazing background for the picture to make more gorgeous & stunning looks? Edit Crop the portion of your inters from the photos & set it with the amazing backgrounds. Apply amazing backgrounds to the photo without using any heavy software & tools. With the help of this application user can create photo by pasting multiple photo over other photo as sticker. Cut crop paste photo provides a well-organized and easy way to create photo collage. Crop the portion edits that portion & set with the awesome backgrounds.

** How to Use this application
Hit Download key & use this application. Take the picture directly from the camera or take the picture form the gallery of the device, start cropping the portion from the photo that you want to cut-copy from the photo. After Coping cutting the portion form the picture do editing of your choice apply the filters, brightness, stickers, text & shapes, do the editing whatever you want then select a Stunning & awesome real looking Background or you can set the background of your own choice as well from the gallery of the device. This application can be use as a fun purpose as just crop your picture & set it on moons background.
Following Features Include
This application include the following main features
* Cropping of the photo *
Crop the photo to create sticker in any shape by dragging your finger over the selected photo; this is one of the simplest application to do this work very easily without using any other heavy software.
* Select Cropped Photo *
the portion you cropped will be like a sticker, select the cropped portion form the photo.
* Do Editing*
Does the editing of your own choice on the cropped picture apply filters, shapes, text, Stickers, Brightness? Do the editing as you want to give a look to the pictures.
* Paste Photo *
the cropped & edited picture portion can be pasted into other image selected for background.
* Amazing Picture observer & photograph album *
your creation will be saved to a separate album and you can view all your creation on in build image viewer.
* Time saving *
you can do the cropping from the photo without using any heavy software this will save your time.
*Set the background of your own choice*
Set the awesome looking background from the gallery of the application or from the gallery of the device.
* Sharing on Public networks *
Set an stunning background to the photo, Crop the good portion & share the picture on public media with your friends.
Enjoy this application. Also gets some fun having this tool.
Disclaimer: This app can have compatibility issues with some devices or the resolution of the photos user going to use. For better results please use high resolution photos.

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