Photosphere - Explore Your Photo Library

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Photosphere, Explore Your Photo Library !

Photosphere is a photo library browsing app, that enables you to quickly find a photo in your iPhone or iPad. By displaying the photo thumbnails on rotating spheres, you can easily identify the photo you are looking for. After using it a couple of times, you will start to remember which sphere a particular photo is on, and whether it's toward the top or bottom.

Each sphere contains 100 thumbnail images. The app can handle all of your photos. The spheres are akin to pages in a photo album, but are way more fun to interact with.

Spin it to the left, spin it to the right, see your cherished memories spin on by. Double click to see the image, or use the arrow buttons to move on to the next sphere or previous sphere.

While in the image view, both Portrait and Landscape mode are supported. Naturally you can also use the pinch gestures. Zoom in up to 25 times ! The action button allows you to share that photo. You can share via Facebook or Twitter, Email, Print, Assign to Contact, and even AirDrop.

If there are not enough images to fill all 100 available positions on a sphere, the thumbnail images will repeat, starting with the first one on that sphere. This only happens when you have less than 100 images, and on the last sphere. So if say, you take picture 101, now you have two spheres, and the second one will have picture 101 repeated all over it.

Take another one, 102, and you will have 101 & 102 repeated on the second sphere, and so on.

In order to work, the app needs access to you photos. A pop-up will prompt you for this. In the case you decline, the app will tell you how to enable it, and otherwise do nothing.

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