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Hi and welcome to Piano Tiles game.
Challenge valentine Piano Tiles 2019 can bring you a whole new experience in playing piano tiles game, putting you in a virtual valentine concert. Become a real star in the orchestra and compete with other players in our brand new Battle Mode
Now you have valentine Piano Tiles 2019, a app that will help turn your dreams true. valentine Piano: MUSIC Tiles is an amazing piano app that is not only fun to play, but helpful in building your confidence in valentine and piano. Just with slight and swift touch on the screen, you can quickly become a deft pianist no worse than a real piano master. Tapping the black tiles, avoid the white tiles.

How to play:

Click on the color you can pop valentine!
Short block: Click
Long block: long press
Two blocks: at the same time by

PIANO TILES 2019, new piano valentine play, not step on the white pieces! Follow the valentine click on the color, simple operation, rich gameplay! Can compete with a small partner, so you have a perfect valentine beyond imagination feast!
Piano Tiles 2019 may be the follow up towards the greatly popular game Piano Tiles 2019 (Don't Tap the Whitened Tile). New game play, first-class seem quality along with a global competition mode provide your fingers a quick paced thrill using the elegance of piano playing!

We're prospecting fans of Piano Tiles 2019
MUSIC that piano tiles 2019 spends with you. Now the MUSIC-piano tiles Tiles version is fully open and waiting for you in game-piano valentine app.

-rhythm and tempo control - recreate the valentine MUSIC
-The best virtual MUSIC valentine Piano tiles Tiles for ios
-this free virtual piano tiles can load any MIDI file (valentine.mid or .midi)
-fun to use valentine games
-Tiles games MUSIC for kids
-Play relaxed and happy MUSIC
-New piano in 2019 with 3D styles..
-Get experience, open new levels...
-MUSIC 100% Free.
-And More ..

New Piano Tiles 2019 is the sequel to your favorite Piano Tiles with amazing graphics and different sounds..

Do you have the needed skills to master the piano in this black and white piano tiles game? Whatever you do, simply don't touch the white tiles. The black tiles are in your focus in this upbeat, casual arcade, who happens to be one of the most exciting piano games. Tap your way to White tiles victory!

Of course, those classic piano songs such as Little Star, Jingle Bells and Happy Christmas ,despacito , Game Of Thrones are all kept in this Valentine version. We will keep updating more and more classic piano songs with dedicated enthusiasm and diligence.

What's new in Piano Tiles 2019:

-Break the trad black and white mode ,you can choose the color and sound you like of the game
-Amazing design in "piano" style with hints of expensive mahogany, imagine yourself playing on an New piano.

-Get experience, open new levels.
-100% Free game music
-And More ..

The perfect PIANO TILES IS Finally On THE STORE ! This is a very interesting piano game;
Hurry ! and install your copy Now Enjoy your favorite game.

alan walker


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