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The driver app is downloaded from the iTunes store by drivers on their device who would like to serve a particular taxi company. Driver app will have its taxi company brand name. The driver has to register themselves using email id to access the services. Drivers can respond to their passengers in an around the radius of the taxi company service area. The driver can track its passenger using GPS. The driver app is under the full control of the Admin.

1) Easily downloadable Driver app on iOS devices.

2) Individual Login credentials to every Driver.

3) Password recovery button.

4) Dashboard with driver account details.

5) The driver can go online / offline using a button.

6) Secured individual Driver profile with image, Email Id, phone number, driving license, and taxi details.

7) Mandatory to activate GPS upon login.

8) Automatically receives passenger's ride request with ride details.

9) Confirms ride within few seconds or rejects.

10) Detects passenger using GPS.

11) Confirms passenger pick up by clicking the “Accept” button.

12) In-app call option to call Passenger.

13) Google navigation for an ongoing trip.

14) SOS panic button

15) Send notification upon arrival to pick up the passenger.

16) Start a trip by clicking "start trip" button.

17) Cash / Card processing with instant payment e-receipts.

18) A unique ride Id number for each ride.

19) Saves history of a completed ride for future reference in statistics.

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