Pilot Windstar

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Pilot Windstar is an iOS native app designed by pilots, to help compute heading corrections, and ground speed quickly and easily.

Designed to aid CPL and PPL training, Pilot Windstar aids navigation and diversion techniques. Simply select wind direction in degrees, windspeed and TAS in kts and let the app do the work for you!
The groundspeed figures appear in green, and correction angle applied to heading to maintain track are shown in blue. These are displayed around the compass rose. Interpolation between the compass points give data for all 360 degrees.

Use it for navigation planning, diversion techniques, or planning drift in the hold. Take the mental stress out of practical diversions.

The windstar app is based around the theory of maximum drift, and compatible with many teaching techniques including the Navigation Rule DP-1, available at www.digital-innovations.co.uk

Please note that all data is for information only and is not a substitute for primary navigation techniques.

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