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Re-discover India with Pinakin.

Incredible India?  Yes.  Why? You will know more with our audio guided tours. 


India is a country with over 5000 years of history,  and with places and buildings that are over thousands of years old.  What’s the point in just going around the place, staring at sculptures and buildings without knowing the background?  The highly evolved forms of art and architecture, the social structure, the culture, and traditions, are very tightly interwoven in the Indian fabric of life, and all of this we have beautifully woven as stories in our audio guided tours.


At this time, we are focused on providing audio guided tours for 2 south Indian states; Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.


Pinakin is an Audio guide for every Indian and every foreign tourist visiting South India.  We are sure,  once you use our app, your ‘photographic memories’ will become ‘information memories’ that stays with you for a lifetime, with stories to tell your friends and family on what you know about Incredible India! 


What’s in it?

• Audio content designed to keep you engaged for 1.5 hours to 2 hours. 
• There are interesting stories, some amazing facts, interesting trivia 
• Information about the place, the history, ticket prices, parking details, dress code etc 




The first in India to provide an audio guide with local Indian languages.  

Language is a very key part in India and knowing about your local place in your language is the best way to look at things.




Our current version is designed to work OFFLINE mode.   Once downloaded, you don’t have to worry about network and connectivity. 

This mode is useful for foreigners who visit India as they can download this at home before they travel and not have to worry about international roaming or WiFi availability at hotels.




Information about the places like timing, ticket prices, dress ethics, restaurants etc helps you plan your trip better.

What we have also given is the History, Legend and some details about the places as well for those who want to read a bit more before reaching the place.




Well researched and curated.  The format of content delivery is designed in a way to connect with a teenager as well as senior citizens.  


Every effort as been made to give information in a way that every visitor using our app will have a memorable trip.

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