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Pizza Hut New Zealand

发行商: Restaurant Brands
价格: 免费
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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应用说明’re a couple of taps away from downloading our New Pizza Hut App huh?
Well, if you’re looking to pick up hot, tasty, cheesy pizzas or get them delivered to your door, you’ve come to the right place.

How does it work?

- Login with your Hut Account or sign up with your name, email & phone number.
- Select your delivery location or pick up store.
- In just a few taps you can check out our deliciously affordable range of pizzas, sides, drinks and desserts.

We’ve got something to suit everyone, vegetarian, vegan, gluten free? We’ve got you covered.

- Customize your pizzas to make them just the way you like. Want double cheese? Extra meat? Another sauce? Now we’re talking.
- Payment can be made in store, by credit card or mobile Eftpos.
- Sit back & relax while our stores hand make your tasty meal.
- Pick ‘em up or enjoy our drool worthy pizzas delivered to your door.

Need even more convincing?

- You’ll get exclusive, App only offers (yup, that may just mean an occasional freebie!).
- We’ll save your fave menu options address and payment details to make ordering faster than ever.
- Did we mention the hot, tasty, cheesy pizzas that are just a download away? Go on, go get ‘em.

Want to hear more from us?

Check out our socials:

Have a question?

Okay, what are you still doing here? Get back up there and download alllll of this goodness.


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5986 条评价

Worst app! Lost my order

For some reason, my address is different on the app than when I log onto the website, and I can’t even see how I can change the address. Also, it wouldn’t even let me use my mobile number 😡😡😡


You guys need to update your map.

When I type my address it says can’t find it it has happen twice I love the pizza but I did try to write a note saying the correct address you guys need to have all the street numbers I’m always getting the blame for giving the wrong address. It’s not my fault it’s your fault that you got my neighbors address not my address. I’m uninstalling this app


Overall happy with app - you can get pizza - yay!

Finds nearest store and enables ordering of pizza - all good :-)


Pizza Hut

A year ago we had some good Pizza on - line delivery. No more. Triple meat lovers with stuffed Mozzarella Crust with original tomato + 6 Jalapeño stuffed and crinkle cut chips and $7•50 delivery. Total $32•50. Okay I thought, fair enough. Driver lost the way, probably got hungry so scoffed the crinkle cuts, the extra meat too leaving us a shrunken thing bearing a massive label. NEVER AGAIN. They do give a docket with price, contents etc but nowhere to phone and beg my crinkle cuts. A total disaster for us NZeders.


App crashing

The app always crashes when I try to put details in the delivery so they can find my house easier. But every time I try to type into it on my mobile, the app crashes every time and I have to start the whole order all over again.


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