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Plant diseases and pests

发行商: Daniel Furrer
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We have trained a machine learning model to detect plant diseases and pests with photos.

Take or load a photo of the infested leaf, fruit or of the insect and the app will detect the plant disease respectively the pest. It will then load the description and image from Wikipedia so that you check if the recognized disease or pest is correct. 

The plant specific models recognize the most common diseases of the listed plants and provide suggestions for preventing and treating the disease.

You have access to an extensive lexicon describing measures on how to prevent and treat plant diseases and pests based on biological treatment methods. We list the substances enabling you to find the specific product in your country.

As an additional help you can use our check list that filters diseases by color and shape. Just push the buttons for color and shape and the system will provide you with a list of possible diseases. You can also filter insects by by category and color.

In the plants section you can find a list of common diseases and pests for the active plant with specific recommendations.

Due to the large number of possible symptoms, the model can only deliver results with a certain probability, which is also indicated next to the identified disease. In order to increase the accuracy of the model, we are regularly adding new pictures to the model and we plan to update it at least once per year.


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