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Plant Light Meter

发行商: Studio Nano Ship, Inc.
价格: 0.99 USD
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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Lack of light is the second most common cause of death of indoor plants after excessive watering.
Better light conditions will allow you to keep your plants healthy.
Measure the light levels for the price of a coffee!

How to use:
Launch the application
Point the camera toward the leaves
Press the button "Measure"

How to interpret the measurement:
- Too low: Difficult for plants to survive.
- Low: For plants which can tolerate low levels of light such as aglaonema, parlor palm, philodendron.
- Medium: For the majority of indoor plants such as Dracaena, Pothos, spider plant.
- High: For plants which love light such as zebra plant, areca palm, croton.

- Detection of natural light
- Artificial lights are not supported
- 4 levels of intensity: very low to high
- Uses the rear camera only
- Intensity up to 100,000 lux or 10,000 fc

This application allows you to measure the light levels of indoor plants. However, if you need very precise measurements, the use of professional equipment is recommended.


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362 条评价

Don’t waste your money

Bought this because it has decent reviews. Should have read more carefully, as it seems like it was better before an update. In any case, it’s useless. How can a plant right next to a west facing window get a reading of low?? Makes no sense. Don’t bother getting this app.


New version extremely inaccurate

**Do not buy the update broke it.**The original version was a bit tricky position, but it worked. In the new version the app attempts to take a reflective light reading instead of an ambient one, but it’s wildly inaccurate. Plants sitting on the window sill in direct sun often read as if they had lower light then plants 4-6 feet away from the nearest window. Plants with darker coloration read as if they have less light then plants directly next to them. The app also no longer supports plants with variegated or colorful leaves.


Loved it before the update

It was so helpful before the recent update. When I moved into my new place a year ago it helped me figure out my lighting and where my plants, new and old, could thrive. And it worked! This new update is—and I don’t say this lightly—trash. It reads low or too low for every one of my plants, many of which the app told me before (and I know is true) are in bright or medium light. Pretty bummed to not have this tool at my disposal anymore!


Not accurate

I pointed the camera at the leaves of all of the plants in my very bright southwest sunroom. It read anywhere from too low-medium which is by no means accurate. When I hold my phone in front of the leaves but point the camera out towards the light I finally get a reading of bright, which I know the room to be. The room is full of cacti, succulents, and palms- all of which love bright light- and they are all thriving. Clearly there is more than enough light for the room to be considered bright but the app doesn’t read as such. I’m glad it was only $.99 to find out but still a rip off. Save your money.


Definitely Inacurrate

To get an idea of accuracy, I tested this on a few of my plants in a very sunny, bright south-facing window. The app read all as being in low light. Definitely won’t be using this further!


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