Pony Moni - Adventures of little fairy princess

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Little Moni the Pony is a FREE game with addictive and exhilarating arcade gameplay.
Help the cute little pony Moni run and fly through the magical forest in а quest to save her friends.
Enjoy this exciting, fast paced addictive and fun action runner game featuring an incredibly cute and pretty little pony.

А long time ago in a magic forest lived a little fairy pony. She was the princess and guardian of the forest and all of the magical creatures living in it.
But one very dark night the lord of night unicorns kidnapped all the magical creatures from the forest.
Little Moni is left all alone and now she must act. If she wants to survive and save her friends, she will have to run for it!
But the evil unicorn lord will try to stop the little pony. He will send a stream of endless enemies and obstacles. And you must help the little pony save her friends and the magical forest.

Gameplay :
- Pony must run or fly to avoid many challenging obstacles.
- The control is simple just tap to fly, tap again to fly higher.
- Collect coins and power ups that will help you a lot in your journey.
- With collected coins you can upgrade magical powers and customize your pony.
- You control the adorable little pony as she runs and flies.
- Avoid obstacles and escape angry evil unicorns, they will try to shoot you down.
- Collect as many coins as you can – you’ll need them to upgrade magical powers.
- Customize and create your own cute little pony character.

Enjoy the beautiful HD graphics and the cutest little pony on the app store.
Make your own little pony pick your pony style, choose hair, tail, eye, change the colors.
If you like this game rate it and look out for updates a lot of new ponies and dresses are coming soon.

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