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Pool 8 Ball Snooker

发行商: Noman Elahi
价格: 1.99 USD
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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A good news for 8 ball, 9 ball, snooker and pool billiard lover. The legendary billiard game which is most popular probably the No.1 smooth and fast paced billiard game. this is the game which gives you enjoyment challenges.

Player can make there mind level high by using this game. it has good graphic. your break time is now your playing time with this app it simulate.Stock your cue rack with amazingly slick and unique cues and take control of the realistic pool physics to dominate the tables.

Its graphic look good on every device rather its a small device or its a ipad you can enjoy this game any where you want. billiard have 16 balls including striker. you can learn game by just checking how to play. note those easy steps in your mind and enjoy Pool 8 Ball Snooker.

• 3 modes easy, normal and hard
• easy to install
• playing method is simple
• lighter then other billiard game in store
• easily moveable stick with touch
• swing button available
• spinning in any direction on table is easy
• aiming other balls can be done easily
• it is a free game with good graphics
• balls movement are smooth
• easy to strike
• practice mode (offline)
• cue can be adjusted easily
• more then 100 levels
• striking power can be selected
• realistic 3D ball animation
• no internet connection required
• Power bar to enhance the shot’s power with single touch on shot button
• The only touchscreen pool that feels just like the real thing
• Many scrivener and ball designs


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