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Pool Water Calculator

发行商: Dominic Petrazio
价格: 2.99 USD
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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Pool Water Calculator provides everything you need to quickly balance and maintain your pool or hot tub. Built for both beginners and experts alike, Pool Water Calculator provides treatment directions and dosage information for a wide variety of pool chemicals and water quality parameters for nearly all pool types and spas.

Visualize your water quality history through an assortment of beautiful and reactive graphs, enabling you to follow your progress or identify potential problems. Track your chemical additions and maintenance events, or update previous datapoints as needed to fine-tune your records.

Quickly find the optimal chemical targets and ranges based on your pool type and current water chemistry. Customized water quality graphs illustrate your pool's chemistry in relation to the ideal targets or applicable water chemistry curves, while guidance items will advise you if you're in range or need to take action before problems occur.

The Dosing Guide explains each water quality parameter and its role in balancing your pool, the treatment chemicals available for adjusting each of these parameters, and instructions on how to add them to your pool.

Pool Water Calculator currently supports calculations for:
- Calculating pool volume
- Raising/lowering pH
- Raising/lowering Free Chlorine
- Raising/lowering Total Alkalinity
- Calcium Hardness
- CYA Stabilizer
- Salt Water
- Langelier Saturation Index

Pool Water Calculator provides dosing information for the following treatment chemicals:
- Calcium Chloride / Salt
- Calcium Chloride Dihydrate
- Calcium Hypochlorite (67% and 75%)
- Cyanuric Acid / Stabilizer
- Hydrochloric / Muriatic Acid (20% and 35%)
- Sodium Bicarbonate / Baking Soda
- Sodium Bisulfate / Dry Acid
- Sodium Carbonate / Washing Soda
- Sodium Hypochlorite / Bleach (6%, 10%, and 12.5%)
- Sodium Thiosulfate

App supports Metric and U.S Units.


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