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뽀롱뽀롱 뽀로로 - 하늘을 날고 싶어요

价格: 1.99 USD
兼容性: iPhone


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Pororo “I Wish I Could Fly”

Yay, it’s Pororo!
Introducing the very first interactive Pororo E-book!

This interactive E-book application enables the children to flip through a fun-filled adventure
as they listen, watch, touch and learn while reading “I Wish I Could Fly,” Pororo’s most popular story,
in Korean or English.
“I love to play all day...” Sing along to the songs and enjoy the various activities and mini games.

Pororo, the little penguin, dreams of flying after reading about birds.
He decides to fly and tries everything he can to take off into the sky.
Will Pororo be able to succeed in making his dream come true?

**Main Features**
1. Two languages – Enjoy the interactive E-book in Korean or English by choosing the language mode on the main menu
2. Watch and participate – Enjoy the book through the videos and various activities
3. Mini games – Three Find the Difference games, 1 Build a Rocket game, 3 puzzles and 1 coloring game included
4. Karaoke – Listen and sing along to the theme song of the 1st season

1. Table of Contents – Shows you the page and allows you to move directly to where you left off
2. Settings – Choose from listening, reading and automatic page turner
3. Song – Choose to listen to the theme song or sing along to the karaoke mode
4. Games – Find and enjoy 4 mini games hidden in the multi E-book

Are you ready to join Pororo on his exciting adventure?

▶Production: Iconix Entertainment Co., Ltd.
▶Development: Studio Gale Co., Ltd.
Pororo The Little Penguin ⓒSKbroadband/OCON/ICONIX/EBS


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