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Premix Gas Ratios - Oil and Gas Mix for Two-Stroke

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No more typing in numbers; you'll find premix oil & gas quantities much faster in these scrollable tables.

The Premix Gas Ratios app provides tables for calculating the amount of oil to add to a given amount of gas, with a range of gas/oil ratios needed for two-stroke engines. It also includes tables to calculate the amount of oil or gas to add to an existing premix to change it to another ratio. To use:
• Tap the table most applicable to your search,
• Scroll to find your desired value,
• View the calculated value. Done!

Useful for:
Two-stroke (two-cycle) engines that require the user to premix the gas with a specific amount of oil. Given a ratio of gas to oil, the user needs to calculate the amount of oil to be added to the amount of gas they have.
Many applications, including: Golf carts, Motorcycles, Snowmobiles, Blowers, Chainsaws, Tillers, Rotary plows, Utility Tractors, Garden tools, Motorscooters, some Genetators, Marine Outboard motors.
Users needing to change an exsiting premix from one ratio to another i.e. if they have two two-stroke engines that require different gas-to-oil ratios. If one of those engines runs out of fuel, then in order to make the correct gas/oil mix for that engine, a calculation will need to be done to work out how much oil or gas needs to be added.

Increments & Accuracy
• Tap the bottom bar buttons to choose alternative increments (e.g. 1 gal, 0.1 gal, 0.01 gal).
• The table defaults to the largest increment available.

More Units
• Some tables have too many 'to' units to fit in the iPhone portrait position. Rotate your iPhone to the landscape position to show more conversion units (where available).

Broad Categories
• Create Premix with US, UK and Metric volumes of gas, with various ratios.
• Change Ratios of US, UK and Metric volumes of gas, to a range of new ratios.

Specific Units Included
• US Fluid Ounces, Gallons
• UK Fluid Ounces, Gallons
• Milliliters, Litres

Universal App
This means you only need to buy it once to be able to install it on all your devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad).

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