President Car Convoy Game

发行商: Ahmet Aras
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兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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Our high quality President protection game is online!
You will carry out the protection duties in convoy to the S500 model vehicle. You will use siren and flashing systems in this convoy to ensure that the vehicles in the traffic start safely.

How to play?
- Our protection game has 3 different game modes. These are: Highway mode, city missions and free mode.
You will be asked to do the assigned tasks by selecting the desired mode.
-The map to the right of the screen is marked where you need to go. You will try to reach that point safely.

General Features of the Game
* 3 different vehicle control system
* 4 different weather changing system
* Real Strobe and siren sounds on - off
* Full HD quality traffic vehicles
* Istanbul city map in HD quality
* High quality vehicle physics and controls
For all and more you can start downloading our game and wish you enjoyable games.

aras convoy


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