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PRINCE is the worlds leading project management method, and the latest 2017 version is perfectly aligned to today's agile project management world.

If you are about to embark on a classroom or elearning course, this APP is for you, it includes exercises and short games to help you remember key facts about PRINCE but without the need to constantly read and reread your PRINCE manual.

The APP uses accelerated learning techniques to help you prepare for the foundation exams which are managed by PeopleCERT who were appointed by AXELOS as the sole examination provider for 2018 and beyond.

• Image recognition
This is great for visual learners (most of us) where you need to associate an image with some aspect of PRINCE.
• Swipe Aways
Text based, when you have the correct NUMBER of entries you will be able to enter the “Go” (Arrow) button and see if you have the correct answers
• Pickers
Rotate the “pickers” which will expand the information for you, and the “Go” button is available when you have the correct number.
• Hangman
What can I say? This is hangman, there is a lot of pressing “return” on this so apologies.

Some of the challenges are easy, some you will find difficult and challenging. You will need to think about things, and explore your P2 guide.



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