Princess Crop Top Designer

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The Princess knows that her friend would like a nice new top and lovely Princess decided to design and create one herself. She needs your help and advice though, because she needs to make it perfect.
Use your fashion designer skills and help Princess to choose a crop top model. Next she needs to select the color of the fabric but she simply can't decide which colors to use.
I'm sure that you have the right color in mind. Now it would be so cool to add some patterns on the fabric, such as little starts or hearts or smiley faces.

Finally, you can apply some accessories such as smiley face badges, butterfly pins, shiny diamonds, bows or fabric flowers. You can add as many items as you want and if you decide to choose a new color combination just start playing the game again until you created the most amazing and cool crop top.

Enjoy helping out cute Princess and I'm sure that the top you will create will be unique and amazing.
Have fun playing this cool new Princess Crop Top Designer game!

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