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Welcome To Fun learning, Pink Princess Phone - an educational game with multiple categories which will help children learn in an entertaining and fun way.
The Pink Princess Phone is the solution, an incredible baby phone simulator, allows kids to play in a world of princesses while learning.
Take good care of your Princess, make it part of your daily life by feeding it, playing with it and learning.

Pink Princess Phone will teach your child, everything basic, like, alphabets and letters with multiple objects, For example, A is for Apple, A is for Ant and A is for Alligator, Same for B, B is for Ball, B is for Banana and B is for Baby, and so on.
It will teach your child how to write Upper case and Lower case letters with words in an easy way with an intelligent keyboard with attractive simple graphics and vocals/sounds. This is a fantastic way to learn how to spell the words because getting the alphabets and seeing what alphabets are missing in the word stimulates kids’ brain.
Pink Baby Princess Phone can behave different names like Kids learning laptop, Babyphone, Kids Toy Computer, Baby’s Magic laptop for everything basic that kids need to learn like, animals, fruits, vegetables, rhymes, numbers, letters, shapes, colors, English, grammar, vehicles, common and basic words, birds, animals, flowers, toys etc.

Pink Princess Phone lets kids interact with the characters on screen as they play along. Sing along with songs for kids, rhymes for babies & play preschool games, activities. Nursery rhymes can be played offline without a wifi connection.

Pink Princess Phone has beautiful yet simple and attractive graphics, colors, funny and cute educational voice/vocal/sound and faces. Pink Baby Princess Phone is a free and fun way of learning that children will enjoy a number of different objects, colorful pictures, and funny sounds.

It's a totally free game for girls, boys, children, child, and kids!
Have fun playing this most unique kid’s computer game while you learn.

Download this Pink Princess Phone now and Hope you all would like it! Let us know your suggestions/feedbacks, we will be more than happy to hear them!

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