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Private Phone Pro

发行商: Marco Tenback
价格: 1.99 USD


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People are getting more cautious on sharing their personal information these days. This also holds for your phone number. Unfortunately hiding your phone number is a tedious action, deeply hidden in your phone settings. Private Phone is taking care of it, you choose who to call anonymously or who to share your phone number with, without the hassle!

Key highlights of Private Phone:

Favourites & Contacts
The favourites and contacts have a clear color indication on who you call privately
Store your favourites easily from your contacts and keep track of how to call them. The blue marker in front of the name indicates that you will keep your phone number private when making the call. The green marker indicates that the person you are calling can see it is you.

Convenient dial pad
Your trusted dial pad, extended with Hide your phone number switch
The Private Phone App provides you with the trusted dial pad extended with the extra button to make a private call instantly. Blue means private calling. Green means that the receiver can see your number. You don't need to change your phone settings, the Private Phone App will take care of it when you want it.

We deeply care about your privacy, that's why we don't use any analytics and don't upload any information about you or your calls to a server, so your contacts and calls stays where they belong, on your phone!


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