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Private Vault: Secret & Safe

发行商: App Holdings
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Private Vault: Secret Photos+Videos+Passwords+Notes- A Secret Folder Manager For Your Private Photos, Videos, Passwords, and Notes
Now with full iOS7 Support!!!

The Best Free Private Photo, Video, Password, and Notes App for the iPod, iPhone, and iPad.

Private Vault provides a much needed way to separate, group, organize, and back-up your private photos, videos, passwords, and notes providing a common-sense way for you to keep your private files safe. No need to worry about others stumbling across your “private” photos, videos, passwords, or notes anymore!

With this app you can keep important files private in one App and manage your private life better!

Photo Management:
-Create albums right in the App
-Create folders for organizing your images
-Intuitive interface just like the native Photo App
-True Multiple Image Import
-Take photos from within the app
-Edit and delete albums and individual photos

Video Management:
-Import from your Video Library
-Create folders for organizing your videos
-Create albums right in the App
-Watch videos within the application
-True multiple video import
-Take videos from within the app
-Keep you favorite private videos always at hand and watch them whenever and wherever you want
-delete albums and individual videos

Password Management:
-Manage all your private passwords, usernames, logins, secret codes, or credit card information
-Keep notes along with your password information
-Edit and delete passwords

Note Management:
-Manage all your private notes within this application
-Import content from any source within your device by way of copy and paste or simply write out your note in text format.
-Edit and Delete notes
-71 Fonts with ability to Bold, underline, italicize text.
-Almost endless text color choices.
-Ability to email, text message, Airdrop, copy, or print your entries.

-The App acts as a Secret file vault for your media that will prevent anyone from accessing your private collection of Photos, Videos, Passwords, and Notes
-Password App entry
-With only one password, you can keep your private files a secret within this app
-PRIVACY is assured since for your secret photo, video, password, or note folders

New Features:
-Optimized for iOS7
-New Store option to unlock 4 Premium Features
1. REMOVE ADS: Make Private Vault completely ad free!
2. DECOY MODE: Use a fake or decoy passcode that opens a "safe" version of the Private Vault app!
3. BREAK-IN REPORT: Capture an intruder's photo, time, date, and GPS location and have it emailed with 3 failed passcode entry attempts!
4. QUICK HIDE: Quickly hide your Private Vault screens with either 2 quick taps or turn the entire device face down!
-Now for iPod, iPhone, and iPad
-Simple and Intuitive interface designed for your iOS 7 device
-and much more!

Please Note:
-All your data in this App is stored only in your device. We don't access or store your private information such as media files, notes, or passwords. We do not store or backup your passcode for app entry!
-Locking Access: This App only prevents access to running this app, NOT your entire device. Therefore, only those images you store inside the app itself will be kept private by the passcode. Please remember to delete any photo or video from your device's normal photo or video library after you've imported them into the App.
-Set Passcode: To set or change the passcode, go to settings. To use dot/pattern lock, go to settings. To turn off passcode, you guessed it...go to settings.

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