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发行商: Prudential Hong Kong Limited
价格: 免费
兼容性: iPhone



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Prudential Hong Kong delivers a refreshing digital experience with PRUmobile. Download the FREE app now to enjoy its comprehensive features!

• Manage Insurance Policies & Claims – Easy log on to myPrudential with biometric authentication and get policy alerts and messages through push notifications.

• PRUWorks Enterprise Solutions - A one-stop portal offering seamless experience to business owners, HR teams and employees, for easy access to insurance, employee benefits and business solutions.

• Wellness Features – A broad range of services assisting you to take control of your own health
o Hospital Guide
Get to know hospital information in Hong Kong, from emergency medical services, inpatient services to admission procedures and our simple and easy medical claim submission process.
o Treatment Sure
A one-stop professional medical advisory service which offers independent medical opinions from experts around the globe, and if needed, facilitates your overseas medical treatment.
o Other health management features:
- eClaims
- Cashless Arrangement for Outpatient Surgery
- Home Care
- Claimable Amount Estimate

• Easy-to-use Calculators – Estimate the amount and monthly savings required for your retirement, child’s education, critical illness protection and life protection in 3 steps.

• Buy insurance online from PRUeShop, including travel insurance, home insurance, maid insurance and many more!

You can also stay up-to-update with Prudential Hong Kong’s latest offers and promotions, get in touch with us or make an appointment with our financial consultants

• Traditional Chinese
• English
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In viewing and/or printing any information available to you in this Application, and/or in using any of the services provided by our system, you are solely responsible for bearing the relevant liabilities and risks.

Prudential does not warrant the safety and accuracy of this Application; nor does it warrant that this Application is free from any errors, defects, viruses and/or other malicious programs or macros.

Any product details contained within this Application are for reference only. For details, terms and conditions relating to the products, please refer to the policies. Prudential will be happy to provide specimen of the policies upon request.

Note: Where “Prudential” or “保誠” is used in this Application, it means both Prudential Hong Kong Limited and Prudential General Insurance Hong Kong Limited unless otherwise stated.


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