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QardioMD App is the companion app for doctors with access to the QardioMD portal. If you would like to request an invitation to start using QardioMD in your practice, you can do so from the app or by visiting


QardioMD is a powerful dashboard that lets doctors get just the right amount of data generated by their patients in an easy to view and understand format. With Qardio devices, patients can reliably share medically accurate data such as blood pressure, weight or even ECG without having to come to the doctor’s office. QardioMD continuously analyses, sorts, and displays the data in an actionable way, saving the doctor time and cost while allowing him to provide better care. This pioneering, HIPAA compliant solution allows clinicians to remotely monitor unlimited number of patients and see who most needs their attention and who is doing well, all with a click of button.

QardioMD App:

- Allows doctors to request an invitation to start using the QardioMD portal and services
- Gives healthcare professionals an additional way to invite new patients easily and see their health data on QardioMD dashboard
- Works with the QardioArm for in-office measurements of systolic and diastolic BP, heart rate and irregular heart beat detection
- Works with QardioCore (available only outside US) for recording patient's ECG for a day to 6 months
- Lets doctors demonstrate Qardio products to patients

How it works:

Patients use Qardio devices with the HIPAA-secure Qardio App to monitor their heart health outside the doctor's office, automatically sharing their heart health data measurements.
Providers use QardioMD services. Once a patient takes a measurement, the data is instantaneously analyzed and grouped by level of urgency in the secure QardioMD web portal.
Qardio does the rest. QardioMD continuously analyzes received data against individual markers and prioritizes patients so the doctor instantly knows who is doing well and who needs attention.

What other doctors have to say about Qardio:

“I believe that good, high quality home blood pressure monitoring devices are going to be critical for achieving better blood pressure control in the US population. I’ve been very impressed with the QardioArm device, which we are currently using in the Health eHeart Study.” - Mark Pletcher, Health eHeart Study Principal Investigator, UCSF

“As a physician, I believe people need to take control of their health and outcomes and this product being so easy to use, portable and most importantly accurate is a product I would recommend to all. Since stopping my denial and becoming a patient myself, I have done just that. Folks, the newest data regarding BP is irrefutable and having just one reading at a doctor’s office every so often is, in my opinion, the wrong way to detect hypertension and products like these should become part of a person's routine, especially as we age and our vessels become less compliant.” HB, Physician and QardioArm User, Amazon Review

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