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Qodoo Wallet is a one of a kind mobile money application powered by QCell Ltd, one of the leading telecommunications company in The Gambia. It allows you to easily and conveniently conduct financial transactions using your mobile phone anytime, anywhere in The Gambia.

The Qodoo Wallet application is free to download, fast, secure, easy to use and all transactions are real-time. With agent outlets across the length and breadth of the country, you can use the Qodoo Wallet application, to do the following transactions:

Cash-In (deposit) money into your Qodoo Wallet
Transfer money to any anyone with any QCell line that has been registered for a Qodoo Mobile Money account
Cash-Out (withdraw) money from your Qodoo Wallet
Pay bills
Buy credit (airtime) for any QCell prepaid line
Buy QPower (cash power)
Do bulk disbursements

To start using QCell’s Qodoo Mobile Money services, visit any QCell Customer Care Center or authorized Qodoo agent outlet anywhere in The Gambia with an accepted photo ID to register and start enjoying the many features and benefits.

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