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The one and only app designed by Quantity Surveyors, for Quantity Surveyors. The Quantity Surveyor Toolbox (QS Toolbox) is a simple, beautiful and fun application designed uniquely for Quantity Surveyors and Cost Estimators in the building and construction industry.

The QS Toolbox is specially designed based on a modular system, allowing more modules (functions) to be developed and incorporated incrementally, based on user feedback

Current features include:

Rate Library: Have all the rates you need in your hands. Create a Rate Library based on elements, trades or any category you need. Save them for reference and use them anywhere.

Estimator: Create and compile quick estimates on the go using rates in your Rate Library. Save your estimates or edit them for future references.

Calculator: Use the rates created and saved in your Rate Library for quick calculations.

Unit Converter: For added convenience – convert any units for area, volume, length or more.

Annotations: Need to take quick notes on site or mark out on drawings? Use this function to take a picture, make quick markings, annotations and save it for reference or send it out.

The first version may contain certain aspects that can be improved. Thus, we welcome your valuable feedback and suggestions. Visit the website to leave us a message.

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