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发行商: Transports du Québec
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Consult Québec 511 to plan your trips on Québec roads 24/7. This app gives you access to a wealth of useful information related to transportation. Customize the app by choosing your favourite themes:

• roadwork and hindrances (location, type, schedule and duration)
• traffic conditions
• winter road conditions (pavement condition and visibility)
• images from traffic cameras
• current events on the road network (accidents, floods, etc.)
• ferry services availability and schedules
• wait times at border crossings
• locations of rest areas and villages-relais, as well as services offered
• locations of photo radar devices and red light cameras
• accesses where trucks are prohibited and load limits
• locations of arrester beds and break-check areas
• information on federal bridges

Additionally, you can enable alerts to receive notifications on current warnings, roadwork and general messages.

The app can be downloaded free of charge and is offered in English and French.

Remember to rate the app and send us your comments at

You can also visit our website at and follow us on Facebook as well as on our Twitter accounts dedicated to the Greater Montréal region (@Qc511_Mtl) and the Québec and Lévis regions (@Qc511_QcLevis).

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