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Are you a lover of fashion, a growing fashion designer, and dip into through a huge wardrobe of trendy, glamorous clothes, accessories and hairstyles to pick those that fit the most - to put together a fancy outfit? Here we bring you a dressup game called Queen Maker the application which is absolutely free! For your imaginary designing skill to divulge the reality. Beauty salon game for girls you dress up the models in the application to their desire.

This dressup game application is one of the best for the ones who are into fashion and styling games, maybe even addicted to virtual doll makeovers, there is nothing locked in the dressup game and have ample of apparel to choose from, matching accessories, Hairdo, footwear, handbags etc. to be selected which is free and dress up the model.
Is your dream of becoming a super famous celebrity or superstar or designer for celebrities and walk together on the red carpet? Get your dream come true virtually. Awaken your dreams and train the inner fashion in you with this virtual dressup game salon. Bring together glam, style and trending, classy, romantic, or traditional outfits for the dollies with the beautiful background.
Don’t stop with just the creation show it off and show off your talent along with the dressed up dolls to your friends and family by making a screenshot of your creation - just press "Camera" button in the top-right and then share your screenshots through social media and other channels.

The backgrounds:
- Glossy cover of a glamor
- Hollywood
-Fashion show
- Red carpet
- Romantic set

- Advance your dressup skills.
- Shopping mode on and choose from hundreds of clothes.
- Pick out perfect accessories and hairstyle for star princess.
- A lot of makeup variations in beauty salon.
- Take a shot of your megastar
- Absolutely free game

If you have any questions regarding our Queen Maker - Dressup game, feel free to contact us: help@virtuatechnologies.com.au

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