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Queen Rules

发行商: Juan Gabriel Palomino Garcia
价格: 1.99 USD


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Explore this hypnotic world built of handmade modelling FIMO clay characters. What’s your vehicle? Logic and planning. It’s a puzzle experience that’s challenging but fun.

Led by a benevolent King and Queen, you’ll visit enchanted lands and enjoy an atmosphere like no where else you know. Your job while here—defeat a dark curse set in play by an evil witch. Sounds easy, right? Wrong! The puzzles begin simply and slowly advance in challenge, level by level, kingdom by kingdom.

We’re proud to say that this game is an entirely new and unique experience. After months addicted to it ourselves, we’re sharing it with you to let more people into this captivating world. If you like puzzle games this is a goldmine.

So, how do you play? Use your finger to swipe soldiers across rows and up columns. When you get them all down to ones, you’re allowed to move on. It’s an effortless, magical feeling being inside this world—easy and satisfying to learn, but challenging to complete and win. As the game evolves, new game mechanics appear. Soldiers become more powerful and playful, and the game becomes pure strategy. Yes, things may get tricky.

If you need input, go ask a friend to sit by your side, or even bring your kid over. This game is family friendly and fun to play in pairs. Incredible art sets it apart and makes it captivating for all ages. The game travels along at a pace that’s not rushed or timed, and it allows you to retry within levels as much as you want. This leads to more fun and less stress—what we always wanted in a game. You can think through your advances at a pace that everyone can enjoy.


• An Original Game Design
• 156 Unique Levels
• Clay Art by Larissa Honsek
• Family Friendly
• Solid Entertainment

- Royal Announcement -

Your majesty, the Queen of Hearts, cordially announces the opening of the Tournament Games. Her kingdom invites all valiant Knights to compete.
The best Knights will earn the recognition of the Kings and a lifetime of honor and gifts. Are you brave enough to compete?
If you believe you have what it takes your attendance and participation is, respectfully, required. Rules below:

Only Knights with Game Center accounts will be able to proceed to the Tournament Games. From here, you can participate in two new tournament modalities, namely, the Movement Tournaments and the Time Tournaments:

- The Movement Tournaments - the best Knight is he, she or they who completes a level in the fewest number of moves.

- Time Tournaments - the best Knight is he, she or they who completes the designated level in the minimum amount of time.

Your infinitely generous majesty is also bestowing honorable badges to those Knights who accomplish the most difficult achievements along the path. If you manage to collect each of these badges, you will become the most honorable of all Knights.

To all interested Knight candidates with Game Center accounts, you are officially requested to commence your journey. In order to bring perfection to these Royal events, her highness’s engineering team has made several noteworthy improvements and a bug has been fixed. To your journey, we raise our goblets.


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