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Quizoid: Offline Trivia Quiz

发行商: Richard Raue
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More than 2.000.000 downloads can't be wrong! Quizoid has been one of the most successful quiz apps in Germany since 2011 and now comes in a completely new design!

Over 11,000 questions from 10 fields of knowledge. 3 different game modes. Test offline knowledge wherever you want. Regular question updates and improvements.

Quizoid brings thousands of questions from 10 broad areas of knowledge to your mobile phone, which you won't find in any other quiz game. Divided into 6 difficulty levels, they are regularly updated and improved. You can help and report errors directly in the game or send in your own question ideas. Improve your general knowledge in the following areas

- Nature
- Geography
- Arts & Entertainment
- Food & Beverage
- General Knowledge
- Technology & Engineering
- Science
- Sports & Leisure
- History & Mythology
- Oddities

You want more than just a quiz? Here you go! Five different game modes provide variety and long-term motivation. No connection? No Facebook? No problem! Quizoid can be played completely offline and without any social media logins.

This mode is also known from the TV of "Who wants to be a millionaire". You play until you get the first answer wrong. Right answers count.

Lean back and relax. The game always gives you 20 questions, even if you are wrong in between. Your average from all games in this mode will be evaluated. So if you are 5 times right in the first game and 10 times right in the second, your score will be 7.5. The goal is to get as close to 20 points as possible.

Also known as "Against the Clock". In 60 seconds you have to correctly answer as many questions as possible. The more you complete, the higher your score. Wrong answers don't count, but they don't mean game over. There are no lifelines here, because what counts is speed and good general knowledge.

The desired mode of many players, available only in the Pro version. You choose your favorite categories at the beginning. Only these knowledge areas will appear in the quiz. The rest of the game is the same as in Classic Mode. There are no highscores here.

For all those who either like it a little easier, or for those for whom it can't be hard enough, there is the Pro mode. Also only available in the Pro version, it allows you to choose between 3 different difficulty levels. On "Easy" level you only play quiz questions of levels 1 to 3, with "Moderate" in the level range 2-4 and on "Pro" you only get the highest levels 5 and 6. The gameplay and highscore are the same as in Classic Mode.

What would a quiz be without lifelines? Quizoid offers you four of them. The well-known 50/50 erases two wrong answers. The two-attempt joker allows you to answer twice. With the question-exchange joker, you can exchange the current question for another one from a category of your choice. The Tip Joker becomes available as soon as you reach the most difficult levels. It shows you a tip for the current question.

You come from UK and don't care about US politics questions? No problem. Just activate the option "Localization" in the settings and you won't see any US-specific quiz questions anymore! However, questions about global general knowledge will remain.

In the statistics screen you can see your knowledge progress per knowledge area. The percentage of correctly answered questions out of all quiz questions played is scored.


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