Hase plant Hausaufgaben

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Does your child slack off when it comes to homework? Does she sometimes simply not know where to begin? Does he lack the motivation or feel paralyzed when he sees the entire mountain of work before him which he has to complete within a week? Does she often wait until the last minute to prepare a presentation that's due the next day or to finish a complex task?
This is where the Rabbit Homework Planer comes in handy. He helps with planning and organization to motivate your child to work in a concentrate and effective way.

Planning Homework
Together with your child, you will create a fun weekly plan. Tasks and breaks will be determined and established in a clear sequence. The rabbit wants to know how much time each individual task requires and on which day they will be finished. He motivates your child through personal responsibility and strengthens self-organization.

Completion of Homework
When the planning is completed, the daily plan can be put into motion. The rabbit will lead your child through the tasks step by step. He explains which task is up next for completion and when the next break will begin, and announces when all of the tasks have been completed. The integrated timer motivates your child to focus and to finish their homework within the designated amount of time – so that there's still time left over to play.

Have fun!

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