Race Tag With Bike

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Bike Rally Race is the ultimate, action-packed arcade game where you need to beat the other player in an old school rally race.
Make sure that you pick the right bike and start enjoying the game experience with amazing visuals and outstanding mechanics.
The game has great retro graphics, it’s very easy to get into and play, and you will have 50+ levels to go through. It’s exciting because every race is different and you will have numerous challenges to play against. The gameplay always changes and you have to adapt to it during the Dirt Bike Rally Race.
You can improve your bike as you go or even choose other bikes too. It’s a very intense, fun game with a lot of creative ideas and you will find it very dependable and fun every time. As you play you get to improve your skills and explore numerous challenging ideas in a clever manner.
The controls are very slick, and all you have to do is to press the acceleration and tap the desired direction to have your bike move that way. Bike Rally Race is very responsive and each tap matters, since you need to do whatever you can do win. Do you have what it takes to become the next Bike Rally Race champion?
- Retro themed bike rally race
- 50+ levels you can choose from
- Intense, fun gameplay
- Stunning visuals

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