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It is now easy to listen to your radio stations of Uruguay on your smartphone, Iphone and IPad with our free application available now in Itunes Apple Store, here you will find all the Radios of Uruguay Online FM - stations of the Uruguay heard such as (Montevideo in AM and FM radio) and other provinces of the Uruguay. Tea offer Uruguayan stations in AM and FM frequencies, you can enjoy music genres of Uruguay as rock, pop, news, sports, live radio programs, Uruguayan news live and don't find some radio your favorite Uruguayan station do not forget to request it and add it to you as soon as possible are working to be able to add more stations of the Uruguay so your order will help us greatly.

-Option to create your list of favorite Uruguayan radio station
-Option to share on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, sms, mail, Email, Google Plus
-You will have access to the title of the song that is playing on your selected live radio.

|| You need data Internet connection 3G / 4G or a Conexion Wifi to enjoy our application |

Within our application IOS Radios of Uruguay Online FM-stations of the Uruguay us provides the following stations of radio online with streaming!.
Uni Radio 89.1 FM
Radio Futura 91.1 FM
Emisora del Sur 94.7 FM
Del Plata 95.5 FM
Radio Babel 97.1 FM
Diamante 98.7 FM
Del Sol 99.5 FM
Resplandor 99.7 FM
Cadena de la Costa
Latina FM 103.7
Radio Cero 104.3 FM
Radio Maria 89.3 FM
Radio Disney 91.9 FM
Radio Activa 102.5 FM
Metropolis FM 104.9
Radio Crazy 98.3 FM
FM Inolvidable 93.1
Radio La Costa 88.3 FM
Emisoras Galaxia FM 105.9
Ciudad de la Costa 87.7 FM
Radio Rural 610 AM
Radio Monte Carlo 930 AM
Radio Uruguay 1050 AM
Radio Imparcial 1090 AM
La 30 Radio Nacional 1130 AM
Radio Centenario 1250 AM
Radio Fenix 1330 AM
Radio Durazno 1430 AM
Radio America 1450 AM
Radio Clasica 650 AM
Radio Uno Digital
Radio La Zurda
Radio Espectador 810 AM
Radio Arapey AM 1450
Radio Cinco 89.7 FM
Amatista FM 90.7
Radio Cuareim 1270 AM
La Voz De Artigas 1180 AM
Ideal 90.1 FM
San Ramon 91.3 FM
Ciudad de la Costa 87.7 FM
Radio FM 99.1 Melo
Sacramento FM 101.9
Radio Carmelo 1460 AM
Radio Bella Union 1250 AM
Radio Cinco 89.7 FM
Radio Durazno 1430 AM
Emisora Pueblo 104.1 FM
Radio AM 1560
CW 33 Radio AM 1200
La Noventa 90.9 FM
Radio Atlantida FM 89.9
Radio Maria 104.5 FM
Radio Cien Florida
Digital FM 100.1
FM Gente 107.1
FM Voces 104.5
Cadena Del Mar 106.5 FM
Latina FM 95.3 Paysandu
Casino FM 96.3
Maxima 97.7 FM
Exito FM 99.7
Radio Paysandu 1240 AM
La Voz de Paysandu 1320 AM
Felicidad 1420 AM Paysandu
Radio Charrua 1540 AM
Contacto FM 106.9
Uni Radio 89.1 FM
FM Sueños 106.7
Radio Reconquista 1220 AM
Vida 104.7 FM Rocha
Cadena de la Costa 102.1 FM
Coronilla FM 102.3
Radio America 103.3 FM
Mundo FM 107.9 Salto
Emisora Color FM 90.3
Radio Primavera FM 97.1
Emisora Galicia FM 100.3
Radio Activa FM 89.9
Skorpio FM 89.7 Dolores and many radio stations in Uruguay.

You expect to DOWNLOAD the app from Uruguay Online FM Radios - stations of the Uruguay on your Smartphone Apple IPhone or Ipad, is completely FREE?

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