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Ragamala or the garland of music revolves around miniature paintings and how they have given rise to two parallel arts forms of Music and Poetry.

Ragamala brings the beauty of Ragas - 26 of them, their association with color, birds, animals, moods, paintings, poetry and music all in one package.

In the start animation we have notes and their association with color and relation to specific sounds produced by animals and birds. When you choose any note you will be led to see the ragas where this note is dominant.

The app has three modules for you to explore for all the 26 Ragas.

Musician Module:
This introduces you to the basics of Ragas in a simple manner. The Scale (Aroha) and the Theme (Pakad) is presented in an elegant way for both musicians and music lovers. Each raga is played by flute and guitar. You can also listen to popular songs based on the raga.

Poet Module:
Here you can choose a theme for your poem. As you choose different elements for the poem you will create both a unique poem and also a painting of the elements you have chosen

Browser Module:
Here you can browse paintings by note, place time or season. You will see the painting and the information about the same. For the more adventurous there is the history and glossary terms for the ragas.

This app is a must for music lovers, painting enthusiasts, art collectors and poets to learn about Indian culture and ethos. It will appeal to your senses of hearing, touch and seeing.

In our everyday lives, we come across pieces of music that we find soothing, motivating or simply pleasant. It's unexplainable and it touches you suddenly, raises a certain emotion (rasa) in you. Ragamala app hopes to capture that emotion.

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