Ragdoll Kill: Explosion Physics Game

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Are you ready to test different deadly weapons and technics at the poor little ragdoll? Of course you are! Place various interesting weapons and vehicles to the floor and walls, throw the ragdoll and watch it being destroyed in Ragdoll Kill: Explosion Physics Game!

Just tap at a proper area of the screen to place a saw or a shooting gun and watch the ragdoll being destroyed! Test such weapons as saws, mines, pins, shooting guns, razor blade knifes, laser guns, flame throwers and many other! Throw the ragdoll and watch its fake blood on the walls! Become the most successful ragdoll and weapon crash tester ever!

Earn points for different successfully done missions, cause a lot of damage to dummy and unlock more weapons and machines, which are really powerful and deadly! If you like crash tests and ragdoll cannon simulators, then this game is made exactly for you! Just check our new fantastic Ragdoll Kill: Explosion Physics Game and have fun!

Cause maximum damage to the dummy ragdoll cutting it with razors, tearing apart with lasers and shooting up with machine guns! Use all your imagination to achieve the best result and just enjoy the game!

Ragdoll Kill: Explosion Physics Game features:
• Interesting ragdoll crash test simulator
• Various types of unlockable weapons
• Wide range of missions for more fun
• Addictive gameplay with simple and intuitive controls

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