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Raiffeisen Mobile Banking

发行商: Raiffeisen bank dd Bosna i Hercegovina
价格: 免费


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What is RMB - New Raiffeisen Mobile Banking?

New Raiffeisen Mobile Banking is a service that provides you with quick and simple access to your accounts and other details related to your business with Raiffeisen Bank. It also enables you to make financial transactions, any time via your mobile phone.

Enjoy an entirely new mobile banking experience of Raiffeisen Bank

Main functionalities of RmB - New Raiffeisen Mobile Banking functionalities:

- Check your account balance and details

- Check your account movements

- Transfer funds to your personal accounts and other private and corporate customers'
accounts with Raiffeisen Bank

- Transfer funds to private and corporate customers’ accounts with other banks in the

- Make foreign currency conversions

- The new application design is fitted to the customers’ wishes and enables them to opt 
between a light and a dark background

- Biometric authentication

- Discretion – you can hide your account details on your dashboard

- Useful tools and information for all application users at the very entry point (savings
 calculator, loans calculator, exchange rates, intro video, FAQ, contacts)

- Manage your payment orders and send proof of payment directly from the app
- Payment of public revenues
- Activation or termination of a standing order
- Geographical positioning of ATMs and branches

What are the benefits of RMB - Raiffeisen Mobile Banking?

- You can access your account 24 hours a day - regardless of our opening hours

- Transparency and accessibility / a list of executed transfers and orders, as well as a send
 option to different channels

- Guaranteed confidentiality thanks to state-of-the-art security technology / application 
login by PIN or biometrics

- Save money - more favorable payment fees

- Usable anywhere with internet access

- Save your time – no standing in queue


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