Reading Eggs iPhone Pack

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Download the Eggy Apps Bundle for your iPhone today and save up to 60%! Give your child a fun and highly interactive learning experience with our great range of reading apps specially designed for early learners, including:
• Eggy Numbers 1 to 10 teaches young children to identify, write and count numbers through a series of seven interactive numeracy games.
• Eggy Words 250 is an application designed to help children recognise and learn sight words.
• Eggy Add to 20 builds addition to 20 skills using 6 highly interactive games that make learning and practising addition enjoyable for all children.
• Eggy Nursery Rhymes brings 10 classic nursery rhymes to life with fun animations, catchy music and 5 highly interactive literacy games.
• Eggy Subtract to 20 teaches the subtraction skills needed for success with mathematics. The app builds subtraction to 20 skills using 6 highly interactive games that make learning and practising subtraction enjoyable for all children.
• Eggy Vocabulary is a unique hidden picture app for the iPad where children learn 252 words by exploring 7 visually captivating destinations.



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