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真实 房地产 商业 模拟

发行商: Muhammad Arif Jamil
价格: 1.99 USD
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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Real State Trading Simulator is virtual property investment game;it’s an interesting game for tycoons. Build your own city with different house and plaza buildings by purchase and explore for your properties! Invest your money stock and purchase low price building and sell them with profit. In this Property Investment Plan game you will be given short time to become landlord.
Start your land purchasing business from small houses they give you more profit then other commercial plaza and purchase VIP location area and become valuable your rental income. Be aware from the fluctuation of real estate prices and take advantage of your luck.
Economy Property Deals game has three playing mode, 1st is carrier mode in which you have different levels to earn more cash to unlock next tycoon levels. 2nd is time trail mode where you have to touch maximum real state profit limit with in limited time period, 3rd is endless game where you purchase and sell real estate building and earn more money.

Find houses and buy 4 sale large Square buildings at Japan Street in this finance investment game. Flow cash in housing society and Trade it for commercial market shops in New York City. Trade in real estate the key to success cash time and manage your money to buy and sell hotel, coffee shop in the heart of Paris at Food Street. You will be given starting investment cash and your responsibility to increase cash and purchase more buildings.

Real State Trading Simulator Features:

Complete 3D city environment with huge buildings
Interesting background music and stunning HD graphics
Free real state trading, no sign in account required
Trade in Dubai, UK, USA and New York building
Buy in Low price and sell it in high price to maximize your profit
Work as realistic state dealer


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