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Myriad of delicious recipes and so little time. RecipeTank lets you find the perfect one among all of them, you could cook now. It makes your cookbooks and old recipes come to life smartly. Define your needs, craves, health and ecology goals, then let the app find the perfect recipes that fulfill them. You can also get a complete report of your intakes and physical activities with more than 30 nutrients. Add a recipe to your app in a snap with artificial intelligence. Designed and developed by French engineers.

1) A fully featured app that responds to all your needs around cooking and nutrition.

2) Save your recipes with fun, 4 ways: directly from the app from a picture or manually, with the comfort of your desktop or instantaneously by downloading the best recipes of cooking stars.

3) A 900+ structured foods and ready meals database - and you can still add to it! (as simple as scanning a barcode)

4) Never miss the perfect recipe with the advanced recipe search and its more than 30 criteria (season, time, allergens, ingredients …)

5) Take into account the preferences of your family and guests, and never cook your guests the same meal twice.

6) Cooking is made easy with the generated shopping list and distraction free mode.

7) Track your intakes and physical activities, and integrate them with HealthKit.

8) Learn to have a balanced diet with a personalized report and more than 30 nutrients

9) Instantaneously share your best recipes with your friends within the app.

10) No use of personal data.

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