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发行商: Global Key Technology Private Limited
价格: 免费
兼容性: iPhone & iPad



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“ Jati ko Recharge Tetinai Cash point “

Get 100% Cashpoint every time on your mobile top-up i.e NTC, Ncell, Smart Cell. Pay through your Cashpoint and save money every time when you shop through app, where you can redeem your cashpoint up to 10% on every product on online shopping

Services of Reecharger:
Mobile TOPUP,
Landline Bill payment,
Airline and Bus Tickets
Electricity and water bill payment
Internet Bill payment
Tour (include domestic, international, helicopter Ride)
Television Subscription
Movie Ticket
Hotel Booking
Insurance Premium
-Get 20% cashpoint on Service payment

-EMI service in Nepal
EMI - Equal Monthly Installments (Buy Now Pay Later) is a scheme offered by different banks of Nepal to enable a person to buy the products on easy installments. For Instance, say a person requires a mobile phone but he doesn’t have that full money to pay for that, in that case, a person can apply for an EMI scheme and get the product without paying the full amount of the product initially.

Reecharger is a complete solution to an E-Hub aiming to create Nepal’s most reliable and compatible e-commerce supply chain that creates life-changing experiences for buyers as well as sellers, where you can redeem your cashpoint up to 10% also offering more exciting offer on purchase of every product. Reecharger, hence being Nepal’s largest platform with the widest range of services and having over 20K products from over various regional, national and international brands and retailers. Our services include online shopping, mobile top-up, e-bookings, utility payment and so on. We commit to deliver our products & services efficiently and in no time.
Our mission is to save time, save money and secure the economic state of the country


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