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Reel相机 - 视频编辑器

发行商: Reeltime Apps Limited
价格: 免费 支持应用内购买
兼容性: iPhone


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Reelshot is the Real-time Video Editing App.

Switch speeds between time-lapse, normal and slow-motion as you shoot!

Freely adjust your speeds and timings to make them perfect in the post-editor.

Upload high quality videos directly to the editor to add and adjust your perfect speeds there.

It’s beautifully easy, fast and simple.

Proudly featured by Apple as “Apps We Love Right Now” & "Apps You Can’t Miss”


With Reelshot you can make videos and select how you’d like footage to be shot or edited whilst recording.

Change the video setting during the shooting itself instead of changing shooting modes in between takes.

The result is uninterrupted film-making and the final video created requires very little, or no, post-editing at all. You fluidly create high quality, fun, shareable content in real-time.


- Real-time Editing

- Timeline Editor

Select the exact moments you want to add slomo and time-lapse to video.

- Hold slomo & time-lapse buttons to play and record your perfect speed in real-time for uploaded videos.

- Lock Shooting Modes

Locking is perfect when when filming a long journey. Double tap to lock time-lapse then hold normal or slow motion during a moment you want to highlight or when speaking to the camera.

- X2 / X4 / X6 / X8 Time-lapse Speeds

- X2 / X4 Slomo speeds

- 120 / 240 FPS

(240 FPS - Highest Quality)
(120 FPS - Space Saver)

- Perfect Canvas, Crop, Rotate, Mirror, Adjust angle.

- Playback bars

- Selfie Mode

Switch between Time-lapse, Normal and Slow-motion in Selfie mode too.

Create the perfect Slofie!

- Upload existing Videos

Edit in real-time over your existing high quality videos. 

If you can’t stand fiddly editing apps use Reelshot to edit in real-time and add time-lapse and slomo with the no no-nonsense simple to use buttons.

- Camera Stabiliser

- Portrait, Square & Horizontal Shooting

- Quick Sharing

Immediately share your saved videos on social media or message them to friends.

Perfect for:

- Home workouts
- Yoga sequences
- Artwork
- Instagram Stories, Tik Tok, Snapchat Memories.
- Tours & Adventures.
- How to Videos
- Cooking, Craft Making, Artwork, DIY.
- Vlogging.
- Exploring Events, Cities or Building’s.
- Plane, Train & Car Journey’s.
- MTV Cribs Style Tours.
- Wondering round a tropical Island.
- Dancers.
- Extreme Sports.
- Catwalks.
- Hair & Makeup Tutorials.
- Speed Ramps.
- B-Reel Material.

Top Tips!

- Don’t quickly switch between the different settings randomly. Try and give each setting at least 2 or 3 seconds. You may experience a crash otherwise.

- Screen Recordings! Use Reelshot to speed up and slow down screen recordings.

- Make sure you have memory space. Reelshot videos can be long and may not save properly if you don’t have enough memory.

- Get Creative! We’d love to hear your own hints and tips.

Subscription Information:

Our Pro option offers unlimited access to all features within Reelshot.

These include:

- X6 & X8 Timelapse Speeds
- Record & Edit over 1 minute videos
- Keep/Remove Watermark
- Remove Ads

Subscriptions are billed monthly or annually at the rate selected depending on the subscription plan. Alternatively a one-time payment plan is available for a lifetime.

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Privacy Policy:

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