Regatta Rush - Coin Arcade!

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Have you ever dreamed of becoming a captain of your own river steamship? Participate in free exciting race between cities and villages. Attack pirates and friends, rush faster than the wind and become a king of the Mississippi!

Or maybe you want to create your own designer ship, with cabins in various styles? Everything is possible here: from Chinese meditation room to American casino from 30-s! Spin the roulette and slots, win games, furnish cabins and get engine upgrades for a speed boost.

=== Participate in the Regatta ===

Win the race of steamboats across the Mississippi
Overtake competitors and move to new leagues
Complete tasks and quests and get prizes

=== Upgrade your ship ===

Design cabins and spend the earned gold to improve them
Enjoy a unique style of cabins on each grading level
Upgrade the machine of the ship to make it faster

=== Raid and attack ===

Attack rivals in the race — get a load of boom-bombs
Raid the competitors ships by taking away their passengers coins
Don’t forget about the defence from the rivals attacks

=== Roll the Reel ===

Use an event generator to get resources
Win gold, fuel, defence and energy for your ship
Discover dozens of cards with unique events

Adventures are waiting for you! Join your friends and millions of players around the world. Prove that you deserve to be the master of Regatta.

In case you need help, please, email us:

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