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RegattaWatch is an easy to use regatta-timer designed for sailors and race officers.
RegattaWatch provides an acoustic countdown in different languages (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Croatian) and a large, easy to read time display.
You can start the timer at every full minute between fifteen and one.
RegattaWatch displays the accurate time (radio controlled) in all views. This gives race committees the opportunity to have exact starting times according to the Notice of Race. For the sailors this display is useful for complete overview.
Regatta Watch was created on behalf and under contribute of Sport Consult, Ing Mag Gert Schmidleitner. Gert Schmidleitner is one of the longest serving International Race Officers worldwide and well known also outside the borders of Austria.

Incoming calls don't interrupt the timer, but will make RegattaWatch go into mute mode and distract you from the starting process.

User Guide
On the left column of the start page choose the time after which you wish to start a race.
If you want to carry out more starts one after another, you can set an interval in the right column.
To start the countdown just tap on the button "Start".
RegattaWatch now will countdown the time visually. The time will also be given acoustically. At first every half minute and, coming closer to zero, in shorter intervals.
The times where flag signals are given will be announced in advance and will have a countdown in seconds. So neither the race officer nor the sailors won't be surprised by the signals.
Important for sailors: if you have missed to start the timer at the first flag signal or if you have been a little bit too late with tapping on the "start" button, you are able to synchronize to the next full minute at the following flag signal with the button "SYNC".
For sailors who do not want to hold the phone in their hands, the use of head phones is recommended. So you can keep your phone in a dry and safe place while using RegattaWatch.
To return to the start page, where you can change your settings, press "Reset".

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